Garage Door Installation Checklist: Complete Guide 2020

garage door installation checklist
garage door installation checklist

With the growing trend of DIY today, every homeowner has gained commendable confidence in himself to be able to almost any chore around the house. As much as being the general handyman is good around the house, it keeps you busy and involved in the affairs, it is also dangerous when you put your hands onto more serious tasks.

Here is a list of potential hazards of pulling a DIY on your garage door installation.

Lack Of Knowledge

A garage door installation checklist involves several electrical and mechanical measurements to be taken that are hard to know by yourself without prior training or experience. Learning these skills under a couple of hours from a tutorial video over the internet is nothing but fooling yourself.

A professional garage door installation expert spends years in his apprenticeship program to learn about the measurements and proper installation methods for each type of garage door. When you let an expert install the garage door for you, you can expect everything to be perfectly installed the very first time.

Accidents And Injuries

The garage door involves two main types of parts, mechanical and electrical.

There are high tension coils and springs, along with a heavy counterweight for the opener that can cause some serious injuries if not handled with care.

While working on the electrical side of it and leaving loose ends in the circuits and fitting can either result in electrocution or house fire later on.

To prevent these serious hazards that are very likely to harm you quite seriously, you must always let a best garage door installer do the installation.

Requires A Lot Of Time

Having to install a completely new garage door at your house is going to take a chunk of your free time away, days can easily grow into weeks till you can manage to get things right. The complex measurements and techniques, measured with the heavy and high tension parts make it nearly impossible for a single person to manage it alone.

A professional garage door repair and locksmith company in Roanoke va has a team of experts who will reach your house with the proper equipment and machinery required for the installation. Because of their knowledge, experience, and availability of the right equipment, the experts will manage to do the installation in a matter of hours and save you valuable time that you can invest somewhere more productive.


Hiring a professional garage door installation Stockton CA prevents you from losing your time, health, or money to the above-mentioned hazards. The installation of major appliances and parts, such as a garage door or an HVAC, that requires extreme precision should always be left out to the professionals for the best results


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