5 Things What Child Investigator Look For

private investigator
private investigator

There are not many child custody cases to be found which does not involve a lot of heat with numerous allegations from either side. In this moment of heat, while trying to find to bring the other person down, one may lose track of giving a direction to the evidence gathered.

A private investigator comes of use even best at this moment when there is a dire need of giving a direction to the evidence and tilting it in a single direction. Since his expertise, a private investigator performs a number of investigations to try to validate the client’s case. Here are five decisive things that a child support investigation service in Katy TX looks for.

Treatment Investigation

The complete examination of a child’s well-being and the manner in which the child is being treated by either parent is what a child custody examination reveals. It may be through a series of questions asked from both the parents and then the information is presented to the court.

The child custody investigation may also mean the private and discreet surveillance of the parents without them knowing, to back up cases of treatment and also file a report if there is any abuse to the child.

Finding Legal Articles

Child custody investigations are very thorough and go through the entire behavior and habits of the parents, it may include:

  • Gambling
  • Drugs
  • Reckless Driving
  • Criminal Activity

These are all the major elements that a private investigator may compile his report around. Furthermore, he may also take into consideration the living conditions provided by the parents like wholesome amount of food and hygienic living space.

Witness Interviews

Child Investigator
Child Investigator

The key element of a child custody information remains the same through any step or action an investigator might take, finding an appropriate solution for the child. A private investigator may take many different roles in order to achieve this, roles like witness interviews.

The interviews may be conducted with close witnesses to the childlike his or her:

  • Teachers
  • Neighbors
  • Parents of friends.

Assets Investigation

The hiding of personal assets to bail out or try to shrink the financial obligations is something that is very common to be seen during child custody cases. A child support investigation plays a very crucial role here in investigating the hidden assets of the parents.

If by some stroke of luck a private investigator does succeed in finding out any hidden assets during child custody investigation, it gives a very firm stand to the client against the other.

The Gathering Of Evidence

A private investigator is ideal for gathering evidence regarding a certain aspect of the other parent’s lifestyle. In a meeting before the investigation begins the investigator notes down all the suspicions of the client and then begins to investigate along those lines.

The client may reveal information related to an affair the other parent might be having or some activity due to which a child’s grades and studies might be affected.


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