5 Pest Treatment Tips to Keep Pests Away This Winter

Often, when you face an obnoxious problem of a termite attack, the first though is to reach out to an authentic and reliable company rendering quick Termite Treatment services.

commercial pest removal services

Because not every homeowner want chemical treatments and bad odor in the air, here are a few eco-friendly tips that might be useful to get rid of those pesky termites once and for all.

Experts Advise

Expert would only guide you in the best light but do consider this fact that natural remedies might take some time while at other times, it also depends on the extent of contamination.

Organic Products

Organic products work effectively in crushing the power of a growing pest menace. The best part about such a product is that it instantly gives results if the termite problem isn’t huge. As there are all-natural ingredients, they won’t burn your plants or shrubs.

Oil Repellent

Pros frequently use a mixture of certain oils along with a couple of secret ingredients like cayenne and turmeric powder. Typically, cloves, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and Rosemary are very handy. Keep it in spray bottle and let it do its magic. Let the spray dry. Basically, mites detest these scents and would stay away from where ever they’re sprayed. Additionally, for a more extensive pest control, try a mixture of Basil and Lemongrass. This is not only an excellent repellent for mites, but also for fleas and lice.

Leftover Food, Fruits and Vegetables

One thing that homeowners do is that leftover food is sometimes used as a fertilizer. You may think you’re doing a favor but not really. The smell appeals all little creatures and soon you’d have a lot more insects in your backyard then you know. Simultaneously, you must not let fruits and vegetables to over ripe. When you don’t take them off on time, it attracts bugs, and more creepy critters and eventually mites and pests.

Herbal Products with Very Less Chemicals

Such a product is harmless to the trees of your landscape because these are herbal with very less percentage of chemical. Mostly the added elements in herbal products are not harmful as they’re not actual chemicals. Truly, this helps the plant have essential nutrients like potassium, sodium and magnesium which aids in better growth and stronger immune system. At the same time when certain chemicals mixed with special herbs, they safeguard the trees and plants like a protective coating.

Regular Maintenance

Keep your yard clean and tidy. Remember that overgrowth and weeds are perfect for the pests to thrive and a good place for their nests. Significantly any standing water is also a breeding ground for both mosquitoes and pests. Hence always clear up any pooled water. Timely call up a sound pressure washing company to help you have a brand-new patio, driveway and exterior which also eliminates the chances of mold to bloom.

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Also, brilliant Termite Treatment services by professionals are very particular and must be hired without being double minded. With the help of the best methods, experts make sure that all pests on your property are eradicated safely and quickly!


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