What Are Safety Practices For Towing A Car?

towing car services
towing car services

Towing a car is a risky job. Every operation must be carried out with the same diligence and care. Even the best towing services near you need to follow state laws and regulations regarding safety practices.

The combined weight and momentum need expert handling. The space taken by a towing trailer and vehicle is also difficult to manage. The normal driving operation of brake, acceleration, and turns become more complex. The operator and vehicle face many dangerous situations during the drive.

Certain safety measures must be met to avoid any damage or accidents. Various components play a vital role in the safe towing of a vehicle. Following is a list of safety practices for towing a car.

Towing Safety Tips

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  1. Driver Must Be Properly Trained
    A well-defined driver qualification program should be used to choose the best person for driving. Set minimum standards for physical attributes such as vision, hearing, health and substance abuse. They should have licenses and experience.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment
    Every towing driver must wear high visibility vests. Helmets with reflective qualities must be worn. The safety vests should be green, orange or yellow fluorescent colors. Protective gloves and boots should be worn.
  3. Hitch The Trailer Properly
    Follow the recommended procedures for hitching the trailer. It is suggested to recheck the hitching gear connections before you begin the tow. Safety chains should be crossed under the trailer tongue.
  4. Safety At The Scene
    Arrive with flashlights and proper gear on the scene. Operators should use handrails and boards for leaving or entering the two vehicles. When possible, consider relocating vehicles away from traffic. During the operation, eliminate or at least minimize the oncoming traffic exposure.
  5. Increase Following Distance
    When on the road, increase your following distance. It takes much longer to stop when you have a trailer as compared to a single-vehicle. It helps you avoid the sudden operation of maneuvering and braking.
  6. Consistent Road Observation
    Keeping your eyes and mind on the road becomes even more essential when you are towing a car. Any unfortunate accident can affect you, the vehicle and multiple vehicles on the road.
  7. Use A Sway Control Unit
    owing to heavy momentum, trailer or car can sway during a tow. It is highly dangerous. You should use a sway control unit which prevents the swaying and allows safer towing operations. You can also apply manual trailer brakes with brake control so that the car gets aligned with the tow vehicle.
  8. Install Tow Mirrors
    Tow mirrors are specially designed to increase the view of the driver. They are essential for the safe changing of lanes. Keep low speed while changing the traffic lanes.
  9. Install Appropriate Trailer Lighting
    Federal law of the USA requires the trailers to have permanent brake lights, side marker lights, tail lights, turn signals and reflectors attached. The law specifies the number and size of lighting according to the trailer sizes. Best towing services stick to safety practices.

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