What Is Fake Grass? Fake Grass Pros And Cons

The Evolution Of Fake Grass

Between the era of the 50s to 60s, a famous foundation known as the FORD FOUNDATION was researching on different ways to improve the overall fitness of the young people. At the very same time, another company was manufacturing a new type of artificial fiber that could be used as a tough carpeting.

It was the collaboration of both the companies to make the perfect sports surface. The new synthetic fiber was tested again and again for heavy foot traffic, foot traction, weather drainage, wear and tear resistance, and flammability, thus, fake grass was invented.

But come to think about it, what is fake grass?

What Is Fake Grass?

fake grass
fake grass

To be more precise, fake grass also known as artificial turf or synthetic grass is a surface that is made from synthetic fibers to make it look like the natural grass. With ample years of development and research, the grass has been modified and altered to what we nowadays know as the third generation of synthetic grass.

The fake grass gained fame in 1966 in a baseball field. Since then, the installation of the grass has set an instance for many outdoor sports that were played on the grass. You can assume that the high-quality fake grass ought to last for more than 10 to 15 years, it all depends upon the wear and tear, and its usage.

Did you know that the fake grass is a lot greener and is considered to be less expensive than the natural grass in the long run? Fake grass has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Don’t worry, we’ve covered almost all the important fake grass pros and cons in this article post. So, all you need to do is, keep reading until the end, and reap as much information you can!

Pros Of Fake Grass

Fake grass quality
Fake grass quality

1: They Are Great For Water Conservation

We all know that every part of the world is getting tighten due to water restriction. Well, the fake grass makes it way easy to comply. There is only one time when you would need to use water on the artificial grass when you need to clean it.

2: They Are Non – Toxic

You can have peace of mind, there is almost no poisonous material used in the making of fake grass. Though it is not advised to consume. Along with that, the fake grass doesn’t grow, so, you can say goodbye to grass pollen allergies as well.

3: Durability

The fake grass was manufactured while keeping in mind that it would be used for sports arenas. Well, the grass is also available for residential property too. The residential fake grass is highly stain-resistant, dig proof, and fade-resistance.

4: Great ROI

The top-rated synthetic grass without a doubt pays for itself in the long-run. Although the initial installation cost of fake grass is high, keep in mind, you are at the same time eliminating the expenses of lawn care.

Cons Of Fake Grass

damage fake grass
damage fake grass

1: The Initial Cost Is Expensive

As mentioned above, the initial installation cost of fake grass is high. This cost includes natural grass removal, ground preparation, and many things more. If you have a significant yard, the cost of the project would escalate quicker than you think.

2: Air Temperature Is High

We all know that that natural grass has a quick cooling effect when the air temperature is high. Whereas, the fake grasses cooling quality is relatively low. The grass itself becomes hotter than the air and thus makes the surrounding area feel hotter.

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of heat is to install lighter colored grass.

3: Maintenance

You don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn now and then, but the synthetic grass still needs a lot of care to keep it looking visually appealing for long, right?
Water alone is not enough to keep the debris off the grass.

4: Runoff

After rainfall, the landscape allows that water to seep down in the ground. But the fake grass won’t allow the water to pass through it. Yes, the stale rainwater will start to be a hazard for you and your family.


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