5 Things That Help You Get Spotless Hardwood Flooring – Floor Cleaning Tips

Wooden floors have been used since ages because of sleek look and healthy indoors. Modernization has improved and brought variety in the wooden floors. Now people can choose wooden flooring according to their home interior and affordability. There are many plausible reasons which make wooden floors suitable option for many people. It is also a fact that selection of the wooden material, style and contractor is not piece of cake. You need all your senses alert because a minor negligence can bring imperfection in the flooring. There are some suggestions by experts which can make your residential hardwood flooring in Lyndhurst OH perfect and durable.

Number One: Always Check the Moisture Level before Installing Wooden Floor

Moisture is the biggest concern for your wooden flooring. When the weather is dry, mostly in summer season, the wooden flooring contracts and logs become compact. During the rainy weather conditions wooden logs absorb the moisture and they expand. This seasonal expansion and contraction of wooden planks greatly affects the flooring. When you install hardwood flooring it is advised that you bring the wooden planks and leave them inside the place where they are to be installed. So that they adjust according to their environment. Whether you opt commercial hardwood flooring in Lyndhurst OH or get wooden floor installation in home try to start the work in spring or fall.

Number Two: Prepare the Floor before Hardwood Floor Installation

Preparation of the floor before hardwood installation involves

  • Cleaning the floor
  • Drying the floor by removing all moisture
  • Flattening the flooring

It happens that people do not pay apt attention to the cleaning of the floor before hardwood floor installation and think that they are going to have new floor at the end. An uncleaned floor increases the chances of the attack of molds and fungus. So always prepare the floor in satisfactory manner.

Number Three: Hire the Professional Hardwood Floor Installers

If you are not a pro and try to do the cleaning, preparation and installation of hardwood floor yourself there is ample room for the mistake and faults because you can never be a Mr. know it all. Professionals use the nails in a way they are least visible. A genuine and frequent problem that many people having wooden floors face is the sound when you walk on floor. Experts have the skills to minimize the chances of sound with their capability.

Number Four: Consider the Phase of Repair

There are many qualities of wooden logs available in market and not each one is equally durable. Sooner or later all need maintenance, repair and you will have to hire hardwood repair services in Lyndhurst OH to enhance the resilience of your hardwood flooring. However, one thing that you can be cautious about is the selection of the material. Choose the material that would need least maintenance and repair.

Number Five: Remember the Factor of Sun Bleaching

When sunlight falls on the wooden material there are chances that strong UV rays can change the color of the wooden logs. When you install hardwood floor installation remember this concern and adopt precautionary measures in the form of curtains, shades and blinds. You can also use small sized fancy rugs to encounter this problem.


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